Top 5 Best D&D Snacks

Hey folks! More of a fun post today, we’ll be covering the Top 5 Best D&D Snack Ideas. Nothing goes together like game night and a table full of snacks to keep everyone energized through those long sessions slaying monsters and saving kingdoms!

There are a lot of things to pick from, and of course, some things may be based on region and tastes. So here are MY top 5 DnD snack ideas, in no particular order.

Top 5 D&D Snacks


In the UK we call what the Americans call “chips”, “crisps”, and chips are typically thick-cut fries in the UK but that’s not important. These are a staple at any D&D table, open a big bag of your favorite fried potato snacks, pour ‘em in a big ol’ bowl, maybe even pair some nice dip with them, a good sour cream and chive dip, maybe some bean dip, or even some hummus!

Just be careful with the kind that leaves your fingers coated, you don’t want big orange cheese stains on your books and character sheets!


How could we have a snack list for DnD without mentioning Pizza, cheesy, saucy, meaty (or not), and the soft pizza dough, what’s not to love. I’ve never met a person who didn’t like pizza. It never truly feels like a game night without a slice or two.

Most places have so many options now, even if your vegan or vegetarian, there’s a pizza for you. If you bring one to your DnD night, you might even manage to curry some favor with the GM on those life or death rolls!


Typically, candy is referred to as “sweets” in the UK. Regardless of where you’re from though, everyone will have some favorites from when they were kids. I myself love sour gummy sweets, so things like sour patch kids, and fizzy cola bottles are always high on my list of snacks.

So grab whatever tickles your fancy in the sweet tooth department. Of course, just like the chips thing, you may want to avoid anything that may cause unnecessary stickiness or mess, you want to keep your play area relatively clean after all.

Baked goods

Okay, so this was a hard one to pick as my last actual food item. So it’s a little bit of a cheat since baked goods cover quite a lot of things, but hey, can YOU pick between cookies, cake, and doughnuts? Yeah, didn’t think so!

As I said, even if they’re store-bought, a half dozen doughnuts, or a nice plate of cookies, or even some good cake? Those will go down a treat (pun intended) at any game night. For me personally, doughnuts beat out the competition here, but I wouldn’t say no to a cookie.

Obviously, these things are way more prone to making a mess, so please be respectful of your play area, don’t leave a mess for the host to clean up once everyone leaves!


This one is of course, age-restricted, so if you’re of legal age in your country, then alcohol always has gone well for me at DnD game nights.

I find it loosens people up, makes them more open to RP, and as long as you and your players have been playing for a good bit and know how to play your characters then it’s generally always a good time.

I will say to maybe avoid drinking on the first session of new campaigns, as it can lead to confusion with how people play their characters, and typically I find as a GM I have a lot of info to give out to the players on the first session, and it can cause me to miss things if I’m drinking.

Honorable Mentions

There are some snacks that I enjoy that didn’t make the ultimate cut for the top 5. So I figured I’d add a couple of them here just so I can cover all the bases.


Always good, and typically a really low mess. Grapes, strawberries, blueberries are all good sweet finger food fruits to go along with DnD. You also have veggies and dip, things like celery or even a tray of roasted veg can be really nice if that’s your thing.

Cheese & Meat Board

To me, this is very thematic. It makes me think of the kind of things you’d get in a tavern in a typical fantasy world. They’re relatively easy to set up, typically low mess too. The only issue is a good varied board can be maybe a little expensive, but hey, it’s game night, treat yourself and your players!


Light, lots of flavors, super easy to make even from scratch. What more needs to be said about popcorn? I don’t think I have to try and sell it to you, y’all know it’s a top-tier snack.


The only reason this isn’t on the proper list is that it requires a bit of actual prep/cooking. However, if you put a tray of nachos down to your fellow DnD nerds, you will pretty much be applauded. They can be a little messy, so keep your notes, books, and character sheets away!

Heroes’ Feast Cookbook

I figured I’d give this a mention; you can buy the official D&D cookbook called “Heroes’ Fest” from pretty much anywhere you get books. Plenty of DnD themed foods and drinks.

Now a lot of it requires actual cooking, so if you’re not the cooking/baking type, this might not be for you, but there are a lot of really cool recipes in there.

Until Next Time

As mentioned, this was a bit of an off-topic post compared to our usual posts but seemed like a fun thing to do. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the post, and please do comment below on what your favorite snacks are for DnD! So until next time, may your day be a critical success!


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