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The Fire Within

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Welcome travelers to the hot and dangerous jungles near the village of Ya-coatl. Lord Xoma, the leader of the village is in need of a group of adventurers (of levels 5-6) to help the village vanquish an enemy come back from the past to haunt them. The Magma Warriors of ancient times have risen again, and are worked out of a nearby temple nestled in deep in the heart of a dormant volcano. Will you and your group be able to stand up to the heat, and face whatever ancient forces have brought back the past? Find out, in The Fire Within.

Product Includes

  • The adventure PDF will all the notes for the GM to run the adventure
  • A detailed custom map designed with Roll20 in mind (also includes a version lower in file size for Roll20 Free users)
  • Quick instructions on how to set the map up on Roll20

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  1. TheGameMaster

    Fun adventure! My first experience playing dnd online and had lots of fun. Thanks!!

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The Fire Within

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