Dissonant Whispers DnD 5e

Afternoon folks! In today’s post, Dissonant Whispers DnD 5e, I’ll be going over a spell that will make your enemies run in fear! First I’ll go over how Dissonant Whispers works, then how to use it, and finally, I’ll answer some questions surrounding the spell.

So plug up your ears and get ready to jump into today’s post!

What is Dissonant Whispers?

In Dnd 5e Dissonant Whispers is a 1st level Enchantment spell. It can be cast immediately and can be cast up to a range of 60ft. It costs 1 action, and can typically only be used by Bards.

The spell creates a symphony of harsh sounds that only the target of the spell is able to hear. The loud crashing sounds fill the target with awful pain, dealing 3d6 Psychic damage. The target must fail a Wis Saving Throw in order to take full damage, otherwise, it’s half damage and the next effect doesn’t occur.

It also forces the creature to use up their reaction and makes them run as far as they can go away from the caster of the spell.

How to use Dissonant Whispers

This spell is great for keeping targets away from others. Say for instance the Wizard is being hassled by a larger creature, well using this spell will cause that creature to move as far away from the caster as their speed can take them. It can buy the Wizard at least a round to reposition.

It can also be used offensively. If you have a melee heavy party, casting this on a creature who is in melee with your heavy hitters will cause the target to run, and usually, provoke opportunity of attacks from your melee allies. So it’s a decent little spell all round.

Dissonant Whispers Question Time

Does Dissonant Whispers cause Opportunity Attacks in 5e?

Indeed, it does! If the target runs while in melee with someone, then it will provoke opportunity attacks.

Does Dissonant Whispers trigger Booming Blade in 5e?

Sadly, it does not. Booming Blade only triggers when a target willingly moves.

Is Dissonant Whispers a fear in 5e?

It is not. So this spell will actually bypass a creature’s immunity to being frightened. Think of it more like they’re trying to get away from the horrible sounds created by the spell.

Wrap Up

It’s a cool little spell, especially since it’s 1st level. Having a way to force Opportunity Attacks or get an enemy away from a high-value target (like your Wizard or Sorcerer) is a pretty cool trick. So as always I hope you learned a little about the spell and until next time, may your day be a critical success!


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