DnD 5e Carceri Explained


Hey folks! As promised this week’s post is, DnD 5e Carceri Explained, this plane of punishment and imprisonment is fairly large and contains many nooks and crannies. I’ll try to cover what I think is interesting to warrant inclusion to keep the post to a reasonable length. So make sure you have your escape route … Read more

DnD 5e The Abyss Explained


Afternoon folks! In this week’s post, DnD 5e The Abyss Explained, I’ll be covering this fairly expansive plane of existence. Of course, I won’t cover absolutely everything, as that would be an enormous post, so I’ll only cover a couple of the interesting locations, and beings that reside here. So make sure you take some … Read more

DnD 5e Pandemonium Explained


Afternoon folks! In today’s post, DnD 5e Pandemonium Explained, I’ll be going over this desolate and accursed plane of existence. It’s honestly a pretty crazy place, no pun intended. It’s said to be the most desolate plane of all the planes of existence. So grab your earplugs and try to stay sane as we dive … Read more

DnD 5e Limbo Explained


Afternoon folks! In today’s post, DnD 5e Limbo Explained, I’m going to cover the swirling chaos that is known as the Plane of Limbo. It is a very barren plane, so expect a bit of a shorter post than previous entries into this chronicle of the planes. I hope you’re familiar with M. C. Escher … Read more

DnD 5e Ysgard Explained


Good Morning folks! I hope you’re all ready for this week’s post, DnD 5e Ysgard Explained. This plane of endless war is an interesting one as it’s truly filled with countless beings. Home to a couple of deities, and has plenty of events and places to visit. So get your stretchy pants on in case … Read more

DnD 5e Arborea Explained


Good afternoon folks, in today’s post, DnD 5e Arborea Explained, I’ll be going over the various aspects of this vast and beautiful outer plane. So get ready and try not to be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of nature as we dive into this week’s post! What is Arborea? Arborea is a 3 tiered plane … Read more

DnD 5e The Beastlands Explained


Afternoon folks! In today’s post, DnD 5e The Beastlands Explained, I’ll be covering this wild plane of existence. The Beastlands are considered part of the Outer Planes, much like Elysium. Think of The Beastlands more akin to heaven for good-aligned animals. With all that said, let’s dive right into these wild and untamed lands. What … Read more

DnD 5e Elysium Explained


Hey folks! Another week another post. This week’s post is, DnD 5e Elysium Explained, in which we’ll take a bit of a dive into the holy lands of Elysium. As always, this is just an exploratory post, you have every right to change, ignore and add to anything I say here on these subjects. So … Read more