DnD 5e Feywild Explained


Happy Mid-January folks, I hope everyone is getting back into the grove, and keeping to your New Years Resolutions! In today’s post, DnD 5e Feywild Explained, I’ll be covering this truly awesome but very dangerous plane of existence. So don’t let the Faeries sing you to an early grave, and keep your eyes on this … Read more

DnD 5e Shadowfell Explained


Hey folks, I hope you all had a good festive period and a great new year! So in 2022 for TheGMSays I’m hoping to continue the series on the different planes of existence. This year I want to experiment a little more with content, so we’ll see how that plays out. Never fear though! I … Read more

DnD 5e Outer Planes Explained


Hey folks! In today’s post, DnD 5e Outer Planes Explained, I’ll be continuing on from the previous post, DnD 5e Planes of Existence Explained. The outer planes are where the Gods can take residence, and the worlds can be drastically different from the ones we may know. Same as last time, I’ll briefly cover what … Read more

DnD 5e Planes of Existence Explained


Hey folks, in today’s post, DnD 5e Planes of Existence Explained, I’ll be briefly covering the concept of the planes of existence, and inner planes, the next post will be explaining the concept and ideas around the outer planes, then for the next couple of weeks after that, I’ll make a post about each of … Read more

DnD 5e Top 5 Common Mistakes


Hey folks! In today’s post, DnD 5e Top 5 Common Mistakes, I’ll be looking at my list of top 5 common mistakes or misconceptions about DnD and rules that exist within the game. I’ll just blast through each one and give some info on the topic at hand and try to set the record straight. … Read more

Best DnD Dice Sets


Happy Sunday folks, hope you are all well. Today’s post, Best DnD Dice Sets, is a quick post about all the different dice you can add to your horde of dice, and some information on them. So clutch your dice bags and buckle up as we dive into the post! D&D Dice Types In DnD … Read more

How to be a Better Roleplayer in DnD


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all well. In today’s post, How to be a Better Roleplayer in DnD, we’ll be talking about the simple things you can do to improve your RP as a fledgling player, or even a veteran. So get out your pencils and notepads, and buckle up as we dive into … Read more

The Matt Mercer Effect Explained


Hey everyone! Long-time no see I had to take a little bit of time to work on some of the background things going on here at GMSays. As you may have seen, we released a free map for everyone to download, and we should have the accompanying adventure up on our store soon. Details are … Read more