Let’s Talk About Poison Spray


Good afternoon folks, hope your Sunday is treating you well. In today’s post, Poison Spray in DnD 5e, we’re going to be looking at this corrosive cantrip. Think of it as a baby version of Cloudkill (see our post on that here). We’ll take a look at the specifics and then go over a little … Read more

Let’s Talk About Gas Spores


Happy Sunday everyone, I hope it’s been a good one! In today’s post, Gas Spores in DnD 5e, we’ll be discussing these strange creatures that a DM can use to mess with player’s expectations. Think of them as an appetizer, or even a warning as to what may be in store for your players. These … Read more

Let’s Talk About Cloudkill


What’s up everyone, hope you all had a decent Halloween. In today’s post, Cloudkill in DnD 5e, we’ll be discussing this toxic spell. Think of Cloudkill as the ability to create a poisonous fog that engulfs the battlefield. As always we’ll go into the specifics of the spell, then cover a little bit of flavor. … Read more

Let’s talk about Carrion Crawlers


Happy Sunday everyone! In today’s post, Carrion Crawlers in DnD 5e, we’ll be talking about these large creepy-crawlies that inhabit caves, sewers, and anywhere dark and filled with death. I’ve read horror stories about these creatures decimated parties, when you look at their stat block, they don’t seem particularly threatening, so GM’s will just throw … Read more

Let’s Talk About Blade Barrier


Hope everyone’s having a good Sunday! So in today’s post, Blade Barrier in DnD 5e, we’re going to talk about the high-level cleric spell which is sure to cut your enemies to ribbons. As mentioned above, Blade Barrier is a Cleric only spell, this spell is quite high level, a level 6 spell to be … Read more

Let’s Talk about Flying Swords


Hey y’all! In today’s post, Flying Swords in DnD 5e, we’ll be talking about the low-level magical creature known as a Flying Sword. These creatures a great way to add that spark of magic to your world for your players. Technically speaking the Flying Sword isn’t exactly a creature, it’s more of an animated object. … Read more

Let’s Talk About Death Ray in DnD 5e


Hey y’all, hope all’s been well for everyone. In today’s post, Death Ray in DnD 5e, we’ll be taking a brief look at a very iconic ability, Death Ray, from an iconic DnD creature, the beholder! So try to contain your excitement as we discuss it. Death Ray Mechanics This ability is one of 10 … Read more