Basilisk DnD 5e Explained


Good day folks! In today’s post, Basilisk DnD 5e Explained, I’ll be going over this iconic creature that comes from our own mythos and DnD legend. First I’ll go over what a Basilisk is, then how to use them, and finally, I’ll answer some questions surrounding this creature. So try not to lock eyes as … Read more

Aboleth DnD 5e Explained


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DnD 5e Bodak Explained


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Let’s Talk About Gas Spores


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Let’s Talk about Flying Swords


Hey y’all! In today’s post, Flying Swords in DnD 5e, we’ll be talking about the low-level magical creature known as a Flying Sword. These creatures a great way to add that spark of magic to your world for your players. Technically speaking the Flying Sword isn’t exactly a creature, it’s more of an animated object. … Read more

Let’s Talk About Death Ray in DnD 5e


Hey y’all, hope all’s been well for everyone. In today’s post, Death Ray in DnD 5e, we’ll be taking a brief look at a very iconic ability, Death Ray, from an iconic DnD creature, the beholder! So try to contain your excitement as we discuss it. Death Ray Mechanics This ability is one of 10 … Read more