Best DnD Dice Sets

Happy Sunday folks, hope you are all well. Today’s post, Best DnD Dice Sets, is a quick post about all the different dice you can add to your horde of dice, and some information on them.

So clutch your dice bags and buckle up as we dive into the post!

D&D Dice Types

In DnD today, there are so many different dice types that exist so I’ve made a quick list of the ones I’ve seen, keep in mind there may be others that I don’t mention.


These dice are the most iconic and easily found in the realm of DnD. If you buy the D&D starter set, you will get a lovely little simple set of solid plastic dice. Plastic dice can range in quality, just like any of the dice I will mention. So just make sure you buy them from a reputable seller.

There are 3 main types of plastic dice, solid, clear, and pattern-filled ones. Typically, I always suggest clear dice with good visible numbers on them. You can see from the get-go if there are any imperfections within the dice that may cause an imbalance in the rolling.

Solid plastic ones are a bit of a shot in the dark, although if you’re buying from a good seller, you’re likely going to be fine with regards to them rolling balanced. Obviously, you’re able to get all sorts of colours of solid dice, you can even get ones with mixed colours.

Pattern dice, as far as I’m aware, are a little harder to make, as the plastic resin that goes into the dice moulds needs to be mixed with other stuff in order to create the desired effect. However, you can get some very pretty dice. So they are super tempting to get. Again go for a reputable seller and you’ll likely be fine.


Personally, metal dice are my favourite. I have a set from Die Hard Dice, and honestly, I love them, they feel so good because of their weight. Also if you’re a GM, the players will learn to fear the lovely thud it makes when it hits your dice tray!

As with all the dice, make sure you get these from a good seller, so you can trust your dice is rolling balanced. You can get some really nice metal dice. They are a little expensive compared to their plastic counterparts.

They do need a little more TLC than plastic ones, normally they come with a carrying case, I highly recommend using this, as it will help keep them from being scuffed, scratched or even chipped. Be aware as well that the D4 can be really sharp, you DO NOT want to step on one of those.

LED Dice

A bit of a new contender to the dice world, at least from what I’ve seen. These dice are typically plastic, but they light up when rolled. Which is pretty cool. Now I’ve seen a lot of variations of these, and I don’t own any yet, so I can’t give any personal recommendations. So again, just be cognizant of where you buy from.

With that said, I did recently back a Kickstarter for some really interesting dice called Pixels. They are LED dice, but they also can connect to your computer/device, allowing them to be customised, so if you roll a 20 for instance, it may light up a different colour.

They can also connect to most virtual tabletops like Roll20, meaning you can roll the physical dice, and have the result show in Roll20. Which for me is incredibly awesome! They are expensive, and I don’t have my hands on them, so I can’t give a recommendation on them, but they do look promising.

Artisan Dice

I’ll use this section as a catch-all for others I’ve heard of, but am unsure about. This is typically due to the material used. It’s not to say these dice don’t look incredible, but they can never really be guaranteed to roll well.

So we have Gemstone dice and even stone dice. While these could be cool, and they look stunning, they have an issue that the material is typically brittle. This means they are likely to chip and even break. I have heard, however, that certain types are less brittle, like Jade. So do your research before buying these kinds.

Wooden dice are really interesting, but again due to the material typically having small imperfections in them, such as knots, it can be hard to find a set of these that will be balanced. As above, do your research into them.

So the last one, I’ve only heard people discuss, I’ve not actually seen them sold anywhere, so it’s possible you’d need to get them specially made. Those are bone dice. Again due to the material, however, I think these might be hard to find, expensive and bone can typically have little micropores in it that could cause an imbalance in the dice. While it’s a cool concept, I’m not sure I’d be in a rush to get a set.


I assume you’re asking then; what dice should you get? If it’s your first set of DnD dice, I recommend getting a nice plastic set that you like. They’re typically inexpensive. They last a long time and come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. So you’re going to be able to find a set that you fall in love with.

Hopefully, this post helped you understand the different DnD dice types and the pros and cons of each dice. The main thing to take away from this post is do your research on the supplier of the dice before buying. While some dice may look amazing, you may end up with a set of unbalanced dice.

So until next time, may your day be a critical success!


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