Free DnD 5e Map!

The Fire Within Player Map (WhiteBG)

Hey folks, so this is just a quick post to let you all know about something we here at TheGMSays have been working on for a little bit. Our first fully functional map! We decided since this is our first attempt at something like this, we would release it for free so that we could … Read more

DnD 5e Creature Types Explained


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope the New Year has been treating you well. In today’s post, DnD 5e Creature Types Explained, I thought we’d go over the basics of each of the multitude of creatures in this fantastic game! We’ll be going over a quick description for each creature type and then giving an example of … Read more

DnD 5e Conditions Explained


Well, happy holidays and happy new year to everyone. In this week’s post, DnD 5e Conditions Explained, we’ll be looking at all 15 conditions and give a little example of when they might crop up. Conditions in DnD 5e refer to the status conditions, which basically means something that affects your character. Typically, they are … Read more